For decades the world has been rapidly evolving when it comes to technology. Technology has made the lives of people more comfortable and more manageable. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of technology and also many disadvantages of living in a high tech world. In this regard below, we have compiled the benefits and drawbacks of living in a high tech world.



The Benefits


Faster and Easier Communication

Unquestionably it has become easier to communicate with anyone around the world. Many people have access to the Internet, and most people use mobile data daily. Indeed, it is excellent to communicate with everyone worldwide, especially if a relative is far away from us or for business purposes.

Easy Access to Information

Unlike in ancient times, we needed to open a dictionary to learn about a piece of information. However, it has now become easier to search for any information you need on the Internet, and it is, of course, making people wiser.

Advancement in the Medical and Banking Field

Additionally, the medical field has seen a lot of advancement as technology has been evolving throughout the years. Diagnosis is being faster and thus providing earlier treatment to patients.

It has now become easy for people to have a safe banking experience online. People do not have to wait in long queues before they’re able to remove a small amount of money from the bank.

The Drawbacks

Misuse of the Internet

Unfortunately, some people misuse the Internet, and they violate the privacy of many people. For instance, people’s pictures are being circulated around the Internet without their permission.

Always a Fear of Being Hacked

Unfortunately, when you use the Internet, you will constantly feel someone may hack your account. Therefore you need to be incredibly careful not to give your password or CVC credit card number to anyone via the Internet.