A social media strategy comprises your planning process. In other words, what you are planning to do and what are your expected results using social platforms. The planning process are your steps in place for the execution of your plan, and also the criteria determining your success or failures. Examples of possible social media strategy will be an increase in brand awareness, optimisation of your posts, or sale of your product, or services.

Using Instagram for your social media strategy

Instagram has attracted a very huge audience throughout the years since its creation in 2016. Billions of people are using instagram daily. Contents are shared each minute. It has become an attractive opportunity for brands to increase their turnover using the Instagram platform. It is no longer a personal platform, but a means to add value and increase engagement by humanizing your content.

Also, Instagram gives Business accounts users the opportunity to analyze their posts for further optimization. The analysis is about identifying the gender and age groups that have most responded to your posts and the time it has been most viewed. This gives you an idea to analyze what you should be posting to increase engagement.

There are various ways offered by Instagram for increasing brand awareness, however, the latest trend is about using eye-catching Stories. Despite its 15 seconds runtime limit, Instagram stories have been proven for increasing engagement amongst audiences.

Creating an Instagram story template for your social media strategy

Instagram stories have gained much popularity during the years. Brands and influencers are posting massively on Instagram stories. This is an excellent opportunity to put forward your ideas and content. However, for effective social media strategy, it is important to know what to post. Shorts videos and photos are the most used, but it is much more than just posting on Instagram stories. It is a fact that the way you will be posting your photos and videos has a direct correlation on your social strategy. The photos and videos should be appealing and engaging. The first impression is crucial to determine whether your stories are going to be a thumb stopper or a scroll. This is so because, billions of posts are available daily, your story should be aesthetic to demark yourself from the rest.

The competition is fierce. You might feel that you do not have the required resources and skills to make stories that have striking power. There is a misperception that you need excellent editing skills such as photoshop or graphic designs to stand out from the crowd. This is where Apps came in place. They provide for appealing ready-made templates, you just have to change it according to your brand. You can use instagram story template to create appealing stories.

Using Mojo app to create Instagram story

Mojo provides for various templates that have been designed by professionals to be appealing and engaging. The templates are ready made and provide for a variety of themes. For example, the app provides various templates for recruitment, sales of products, photography, Fashion, Digital, podcasts and so on.

It is also worth noting that the apps keep on updating itself as a means to diversify itself. There is no need to have an account to use the app, however, it has a paid subscription. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the free version with some limiting editing possibilities.

You also have the advantage of creating your own wonders but creating your own template from scratch. This can be done without any special design or Photoshop skills and it can be done within minutes. You can also create your own on-brands templates, you just need to choose your color, background, texts and add your logo. The template is saved in the app and can be used later.